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Dr. Sun Kim, DDS

Pediatric Dentist


Dr. Ha-Sun Kim, commonly known as Dr. Sun, is a compassionate and skilled pediatric dentist dedicated to providing exceptional dental care to children and adolescents. With a natural talent for putting young patients at ease, her calm demeanor and genuine care have earned her a reputation as a trusted practitioner in the field of pediatric dentistry.

Dr. Sun's journey in dentistry began with her graduation from Emory University in 2014, where she laid the foundation for her career by obtaining a solid educational background. Eager to further her expertise, she pursued a dental surgery degree at New York University, completing her studies in 2018. Her commitment to excellence and continuous learning led her to focus her career on treating young patients, particularly adolescents and teens.

Returning to her hometown in Northern Virginia, Dr. Sun joined BriteStars Pediatric Dentistry, a reputable practice known for its specialized care for children. Over 2.5 years, she showcased her exceptional ability to connect with her patients, creating a calming and supportive environment for teenagers and young children. Her empathetic approach and talent played a significant role in making dental visits a positive experience for her young patients.

Driven by her passion for pediatric dentistry, Dr. Sun decided to deepen her expertise by pursuing a pediatric residency at the University of Alabama School of Dentistry in Birmingham. During this rigorous training program, she had the privilege of working at the prestigious Alabama Children's Hospital and Clinic for Developmental and Learning Disorders. This experience enriched her clinical knowledge and skills in caring for children with complex medical conditions.

What brings Dr. Sun the greatest joy is witnessing the transformation of her young patients. She takes immense pride in helping children not only achieve healthier smiles but also grow in confidence as they experience positive dental visits.

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